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I’ve always loved teaching and I always want to do it wherever/whenever I can. As someone with 10 years stage/screen experience I want to help those who want to pursue it as a career and hobby, but also those who just need to lose inhibitions and learn new life skills that will stay with them for life.

My childhood theatre school changed my life by building my foundations for performing but also gave me life skills I wouldn’t get anywhere else. I met my best friends there and had the time of my life. If I can create what I had as a youngster for even just a few hours, then I’m doing what I set out to do!


I've taught and created workshops of shows I've been in at schools and colleges all over the world from Manchester to Milan. Below is a list of the popular ones, but I am more than happy tailor the workshops to cater to what you want. No specific ability or experience is required and I can travel out of London. Take a look at what I already have and drop me an email and we can chat about what I can do for you.

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This workshop helps participants develop characterisation skills using the original staging ideas from Les Mis to create the revolution! We explore all classes of characters set to the soundtrack of the world’s greatest musical.

I understudied Marius in the West End production of Les Miserables and also played a student in the 2012 Oscar winning movie.

I’ve created a Hair workshop which releases participants inhibitions and helps create the vibrant, anarchic and rebellious world of the 60s. Welcoming all abilities to the ‘Hippie Life’ using movement, music, mediation and more.

I played Berger in the 50th Anniversary London Production of Hair, in an immersive setting at The Vaults Theatre.

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In this West Side Story workshop you’ll learn how movement/dance is connected and created through acting and thought process. We’ll explore gang culture of the time and develop every single character in West Side Story to bring all the scenes and iconic musical numbers to life.

I played Tony in West Side Story at The Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester. This production was the world’s first version of the show to have brand new choreography.

THE JUKEBOX MUSICAL. In this (very fun) workshop you’ll use all your creative juices to devise your own jukebox musical. Using soundtracks/artists/decades of your choice, develop the script and create your very own West End Style Musical. 

I’ve been in many jukebox musicals including: Beautiful - The Carole King Musical in the West End and the No.1 UK Tour of 20th Century Boy - The Marc Bolan Story.

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